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Front-Line Workshop Modular Training

Survivor Perspectives Consulting Group (SPCG)  is often approached by individuals and small groups that are interested in our Front-Line Workshop Uniform Sexual Trauma First Aid and Intervention Course, but do not have the time or resources to plan a full 8 hour serial in one day. We have heard you, and we want to let everyone know that we have an exciting new development. We will now be offering our full training program in three hour virtual ‘chunks’. Each chunk is a standalone section, and will provide vital skills and knowledge around the topics of Uniform Sexual Trauma, and Bystander Empowerment.


Anyone who completes all three chunks will be given a course certificate for the entire program. It is not necessary to complete all of the serials within one month, they are designed to fit in your schedule and budget.

Who should have this training? Just like medical first aid, everyone can benefit from Sexual Trauma First Aid so they know how to respond to and empower survivors.

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