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Privacy Statement for Members

Privacy is of the utmost importance, we understand that completely. We will not share your name with anyone; not the CAF, not VAC, not even other members of this Group.


When we send emails out, you will not see who the other group members are.

When we send feedback to CAF or VAC, they will not know who you are. We will never share your contact information with anyone.


The information we collect as part of the application form will remain accessible only to the Administrators of the Group; and will only be used for the purposes of creating Target Groups.


If you have any concerns about Privacy, please email us at and we will address your concern(s).


Expectations for Group members:


SPCG members must be medically fit to participate in this work, as per the responsibilities below.  Given the subject of our work, the risk of re-traumatization and/or triggering past traumas is high for Sexual Trauma Survivors. Though we will always happily and empathetically help any Group member find the resources they need in a time of crisis, we must emphasize that Support to MST Survivors is not our principle role; members of this Group must be healthy enough to work on these difficult topics. For this reason, we will be asking you to seek the guidance of a medical professional (therapist / doctor / counsellor) before signing our Promise of Medical Fitness (within the application form); your word is considered enough for us to accept you as a Group member, but we urge you to consider your own health and wellness as part of your decision to become part of this Group.


This is not a Peer Support Group.  We are not experienced in the provision of peer support, and we will not be providing that service / forum as part of this organization. If you are reading this and feel a need for peer support, please contact the public “It’s Just 700” Facebook page and request to be added to the “It’s Just 700 - Peer Support” private Facebook group.


Please note, however, that we do plan to recommend the formalization of a Peer Support Group to the CAF and VAC as part of our initial consultation with them (something that has been recommended for YEARS)!


We’d also like to take a minute, here, to thank Marie-Claude Gagnon, the founder of It’s Just 700 Peer Support Group, who worked tireless for years, helping all of us stay supported, and advocating for us throughout Canada. It’s our turn now MC, let us take the torch!

SPCG members will never be expected to represent SPCG in the media unless they identify themselves as having that skill, or being interested in that type of work. SPCG plans to have specific spokespersons who will be given those tasks if/when the mainstream media requests our perspective. If SPCG receives advanced notice of exact topics / questions, the Spokesperson assigned will attempt to seek out feedback from the relevant Target Groups in order to better represent the entire Target Group when answering those questions.  For further information, please consult the SPCG Mainstream and Social Media Policy (to be issued).



Group member responsibilities:


1. Group members agree to be sent emails with requests for feedback. Those requests may come in survey form, focus group form, or other forms.


2. There is no obligation to respond to requests for feedback, but SPCG is only valuable if we have a mass of members providing feedback; we need your perspective!


3. Any member that identifies themselves as having a special skill will be put on a shortlist so that when requests or tasks come in requesting that special skill, we will contact them first to see if they are available to do the work.


4. Any member that identifies a desire to work on specific types of projects will be put on a shortlist so that when requests or tasks come in requesting that type of work, we will contact them first to see if they are available to do the work.


5. Any member that idea(s) for specific projects for SPCG’s consideration will be contacted separately after their membership has been approved


6. Any member that wishes to be removed from our database can request that at anytime. Alternatively, members may request that their account be put in sleep mode so that we avoid contacting them for a specific period of time.

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