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Survivor Perspectives Consulting Group is a volunteer service provider of professionally coordinated Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Survivor Perspectives, Training, and Solutions in Canada.


As the decades-long crisis of Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces becomes more and more prominent, it is clear there is an erosion of the necessary trust between the organization and the members. In order to be an effective military, we need to know that the CAF "has our six". 


Despite unanimous recommendation from each external review, there remains gaps at the proverbial ‘executive table’ and in current programming for the 'survivor voice'.  we want to fill that gap by providing a professionally coordinated Canadian Military Sexual Trauma Survivor perspective and survivor-borne education solutions which potential clients such as the Canadian Armed Forces,  Veteran Affairs Canada and other stakeholders could access easily, without worry of re-traumatizing. We do not want to replace existing solutions, but offer that much needed perspective, and complement what is currently in place.


We are a strong community.

We all wish we could contribute to making the

Canadian Armed Forces better.

But we need a professionally coordinated way to do so.


Survivor Perspectives Consulting Group is offering a proven, survivor-borne training solution to the Canadian Armed Forces and Veteran Affairs Canada leadership, with a view to providing a unique perspective on what Survivor Perspectives Consulting Group Survivors, both serving and retired, need in this time of crisis. In being able to provide this help, we are also empowered and comforted that maybe, with a collaborative effort, our pain was not in vain. 


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Who is a “Canadian MST Survivor”?


Military Sexual Trauma, or MST, refers to experiences of sexual assault or repeated, threatening sexual harassment that a Veteran or Active Service Member experienced during his or her military service. It also refers to civilians who were victims of sexual assault at the hands of a Canadian Armed Forces member. A Canadian Military Sexual Trauma Survivor is a person who experienced Sexual Trauma within one of the following scenarios:


Scenario 1 - A member of the Canadian Armed Forces who suffered Sexual Trauma at the hands of another person (not necessarily another member of the Canadian Armed Forces, but could be) at any location.


Scenario 2 - A member of the public (not necessarily a Department of National Defence employee, but could be, also family members, spouses or others) who experienced Sexual Trauma at the hands of a member of the Canadian Armed Forces at any location.


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There is an obvious gap at the proverbial ‘executive table’ and we want to fill that gap by providing a volunteer yet professionally coordinated Canadian Military Sexual Trauma Survivor perspective, which potential clients such as the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada could access easily.  The type of services we are preparing to offer include:

  1. A Proven MST First Responder and Identify/Intervention for the Roots of Sexualized Culture Workshop for all military members to qualify them specifically in Sexual Assault Disclosure First Aid

  2. Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) approved Training and Toolkits for Recognizing the Root Causes of a Sexualized Culture, and Changing It

  3. Consolidated Volunteer Consultation Solutions to address Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Prevention and Support

  4. Professional MST-Informed Communications Feedback of Government of Canada draft Communications and Products



Contact us for more information on our range of services.

Together, Survivor Perspectives Consulting Group will help enact much needed positive change.



Consider becoming a member of Survivor Perspectives Consulting Group!

Are you ready to be heard?  Because We Want You!


We are looking for the stories, experiences and feedback from current and former Canadian Armed Forces members, as well as civilians, who have experienced Military Sexual Trauma, and who want to make a difference.  To know if you can be a member, check out the MST Survivor definition.


We, the founders of this Group, are also Canadian Military Sexual Trauma Survivors in various stages of the healing process. We are responding to a new demand for our training resource, and may take a while to get back to you. Please do not be discouraged.


If you want to contribute to upcoming changes within the Canadian Armed Forces and Veteran Affairs Canada, we are the place for you!

We are actively looking for survivor's stories to be used as training scenarios. All identifying info will be redacted, and they will not be used without your permission. The training scenarios all represent real life situations, but are often composites, and not referring to any specific individual.

Help with service requests 

Participate in evaluations or offer professional advice

Become involved in training and programming

Help with tech support or admin

Be available for media interviews to provide the survivor perspective

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Please note that we are not a Peer Support Group. We have compiled a list of resources that may help your current situation if you are looking for Peer Support. If you know a resource that may be helpful, please contact us and we can add it to our Resources page.  Please have patience as we build our teams and networking. Thank you for your interest!





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