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SPCG Training Milestone

Today was a milestone moment.

A year ago, a small group of us had an idea - that survivors had a role to play in training and education. The stories of our injuries, that never-ending feeling of shame, we can use in a powerful way to help shift the lens.

We could help others prevent the institutional betrayal. We can help leadership stop failing those victimized, and learn how to start the healing.

Last year, we started this journey, not really sure of the end state. At the time, we dreamed small, maybe we could have an impact before I was done in uniform.

Today, we successfully led our first contracted training for the Canadian Armed Forces | Forces armées canadiennes. Almost 100 people, over two serials run concurrently, and the feedback is unanimously positive. Thank you to everyone that has supported and encouraged us on this journey.

We will enjoy this milestone, and hope you will join us in a happy celebration.

We are on our way!

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